Home Full Body Circuit Workout 1

This is my first workout post and its a simple full body circuit which i am loving at the moment as it increases muscular endurance, strength and will certainly get that fat shredding process started.

It consists of 5 exercises and you rest for 1 minute in between each set:-

Press ups - 20 reps
Sit ups  - 25 reps
Pull ups - 8 reps
Squats - 20 reps
Burpees - 10 reps

Aim for 5 sets if possible.

As you can see from the picture, it is definitely a challenging circuit, those burpees burnnnnn.

Too Hard?

If your finding that too hard then don’t worry an easier circuit can be created by yourself at home all you gotta do is find your maximum reps range for each exercise and then just divide by 5 plus 2 so for example:-

So 20 press ups would be divided by 5 sets= 4 + 2 additional reps = 6 reps for press ups

Do this for each exercise and that is a good base for your own home circuit. The reason we add 2 is to increase your strength and muscular endurance with each round so your actually doing more than your maximum rep range by the end of the session this is will be tough but it’ll become easier as you get fitter.

No excuses, go for it. Any exercise is good exercise.

Don’t worry if you can’t do 5 sets it’ll come with time 🙂

Hope you enjoy this workout!!!



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