Training Whilst Ill

I’ve been away for a few weeks with illness and genuinely feeling awful and not training or even thinking about nutrition, take it as a holiday with illness. 

I have gained a new job though and had 3 training days about the job which has reinspired me back into fitness mode and today I’m going share with you the real reasons why training when ill is NEVER a good idea.

Firstly, I would say depending on how ill you are, if it’s a snotty nose you’ll be fine to train, just has tissues as a standby, but if you have flu, (man flu is far worst, obviously) then no training should be done at all, for the reasons of:-

– Training breaks your body down, it’s causes micro traumas in your muscle fibres, so why when your body is weakest, would you give it another area to heal? It’s just doesn’t make sense, when your car runs out of fuel would you also then pop the tire before refueling? No because it’s not necessary and doesn’t make sense, your body is no different.

– Secondly, training uses up your bodies glycogen stores, again same as before, why would you break down your bodies resources which it’s needs to heal you? Again just doesn’t make sense.

– Thirdly, if your ill going to the gym is an unhealthy decision not just for yourself but other gym goers too. Don’t harm yourself or others that’s not what fitness is about.

-Fourthly, your bodies immune system is at a low and occupied trying to get rid of whatever it is that’s in you, so actually going out and training may actually just make your illness worse.

That’s 4 good reasons why training whilst ill is bad for you, and why you should just take the week to recover.

Remember, taking a step back and having a break is good, you’ll get rid of your ill health, your body has chance to recooperate itself, your tendons, joints and muscles get well earned extended rest periods. All these will make you feel better when your back to health you’ll be a beast in the gym again be able to get right back to where you left of in no time.

Also, being ill means your nutrition has to slip….NO. absolute rubbish.

People associate eating with emotion whether we are concious of it or not, so called comfort eating, lazy snacking, upset binge eating etc. That’s why the nutrition slips, eating unhealthy foods while ill won’t help you more at all, staying on plan and taking in a few more carbs to fuel your bodies processes is about as much adjustment as you need. 

Remember if your eating well and your diet is on point, then all the good foods should help make you feel better even when your ill, don’t make the recovery harder than it needs to be. 
Hope this helps you stay on track and I’ll be back next week as a fully functioning engine.
Thanks for your patience and time to read.


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