One Bad Meal Has Ruined My Goals 

I hear this all the time from people, whether it’d be family, friends or clients,  it’s always the same mind set and that’s 

“I’ve eaten a bad meal completely off plan, my goals are ruined and unachievable now”

Wait a sec…..

You mean you have been on plan for 3 weeks and have only had one Bad meal??!! Wow, I wanna how you managed that in itself. 

When you change your diet for the better lifestyle of healthy eating and fitness then one thing should stay in your head always and that is CONSISTENCY IS THE KEY.

Yes, having regualr bad meals will impact on progress, yes bad foods high in trans fats and saturated fats are still bad for you yes, but it doesn’t mean because you have had an off day that you’ll lose your progress in actual fact it may help, let me explain.

Research has shown that if your on a strict diet that’s restricting carbs and fats then your body will automatically think it’s starving as you’ve taken away 2 vital energy sources your body needs to survive.

So when you have a “bad” day otherwise known as a cheat day then your just letting your body know it’s not starving, so one day a week won’t hurt atvall.

BUT    Only if your on a strict and restrictive diet 

It doesn’t apply if your eating healthy 2 days then cheat day then eat healthy for one day then cheat again…. Nahhh that’s not good enough and that WILL halt progress towards your goals.

So when you’ve been eating well recording what you’ve ate and look back and have eaten well for the last 6 days then hey, go for it indulge yourself it might surprise you how bad the bad stuff actually tastes which is another wonderful revelation of being in the health and fitness industry.

So don’t beat yourself up, consistency is what counts, eat well consistently and you’ll reach your goals.
Thank you for reading.
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