Case Study: Henry Cavill Superman

Henry Cavill came to fame through a UK TV series called The Tudors, at this point in his career it is fair to say that Henry was fit but probably didn’t pay too much attention to the detail of nutrition needed to gain the mass he needed for Man of Steel.

His body stats after the film The Immortals:-

Height – 6ft 1 inch/ 1.65m

Weight – 170 pounds

Image result for henry cavill body
Picture From “The Immortals” on Healthy Celeb

Body Fat Percentage – 3%

Henry Cavill needed to pack on considerably more muscle mass if he was to look as buff and bulky as superman is expected to look.


One of the key rules of henry’s prescribed plan emphasised the sleeping hours needed, this number would be 9/10 hours worth each night.

The reason why sleep is so important when gaining mass is because your muscles need time to repair themselves. As your body rests a process called protein synthesis takes place, which is where your body uses the protein stores provided by a well designed nutrition plan to repair all those micro traumas your training has caused to the muscle tissue and cause them to grow.

It’s also the time when your body produces the most growth hormone which is something you really need to take advantage of when trying to gain mass in short time like henry cavill had to.


Nutrition is also THE most important part to training, aside from adequate rest of course.

When your body goes to sleep at night it actually goes into a catabolic state which is not good for muscle growth hence the word break- fast, which is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day because you’re breaking the fast in which your body has just gone through whilst asleep.

Best way to counter this is eat a highly nutritious meal before bed, enough for your body to utilise whilst asleep.

Before Starting Superman training Henry would have been eating well because he was already in a ripped state for the film “The Immortals” but when bulking it’s easier done in stages and so was Henry’s bulk.

He would have to eat about 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day to gain the 20 pounds of muscle needed.

Now i know you’re thinking that’s a huge amount of food, and yes it is, it would consist of either 6-8 meals a day or 3 meals with lots of snacks/smaller meals in between depending on how he chose to arrange it for his own lifestyle.

But don’t forget that he was trying to become Superman and he wanted it to be a huge transition from man to basically god.


Sometimes the calories might well be just too much to fit into a busy work schedule, which is where Supplements come in.

Now, no trainer would recommend supplements to anyone unless its was essential and necessary, as we as nutritionists and trainers, know that food is without a doubt the best source of any kind of macro or micronutrient FACT.

So because henry was a busy man doing shoots and press etc. he would take multivitamins, essential fatty acids and probably a protein shake once in a while.

Supplements are to supplement the diet, not persist throughout.

Cutting Phase

With every buk there is a cut phase, this is where carbs are controlled and calorie count sliced to reveal the body that was in your head from the start.

To do this i would recommend that you cut the calories (500 to start with, each person is different) and divide up the remaining calories between the percentages of each macros as set to your goals.

This ensures that each macronutrient is being consumed and your blood glucose levels remain stable to ensure the fat burning process still takes place.

As your cutting energy levels should remain stable if not and you’re feeling sleepy alot it’s probably a good time to reassess the macros to make sure your carbs are fueling efficiently.


If done successfully then a body like Henry Cavill’s will be revealed.


Gym Work

A lot of gym work is misleading when it comes to henry’s transformation but there are YouTube videos demonstrating a few exercises which he did to gain the physique we are discussing.

From what i have read and seen, it was emphasised on functional training, so that’s using kettle bells, body weights and heavy barbell work to improve the dynamics of the gym.

But remember it’ll be combination of high reps low weight or heavy weights low reps for size, but whats interesting to know is he focused on strength too, as adding muscle is one thing but being physically strong with it is another all together.

So he could lifts some pretty impressive numbers and actually withstand them too because of the added strength and conditioning session he undertook.

My advice based on the above would be to alternate on a 2 week basis, do one mass gain week with heavy weights, then do a strength session using Time Under Tension rule and high reps to ensure your body is getting stronger as training progresses.

As henry’s trainer Mark twight says “fitness is strength and conditioning, but also strength of a character”

So make sure your sessions are challenging you.

Image result for henry cavill body transformation
Picture taken from Celebrity Body Transformations

Henry Cavill’s New Superman Body stats according to muscles and fitness magazine stand at:-

Height – 6 Ft 1 / 1.85m

Weight – 190 Pounds

Body Fat Percenatge – 5-7% (for the most part)

Personal Fitness Records:-

Deadlift – 435 pounds

Push Press – 245 pounds

Back squat – 365 pounds

Front Squats – 225 pounds for 10 sets of 10 reps

*Information about henry cavill was obtained from sources already in the public domain, my mains 2 sources were “Muscle and Fitness magazine” and “Henry”.*


Thanks for reading hope this inspires some of you to become your own superman.

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