Bodybuilders Are Actually Unhealthy

Now i have you intrigued, don’t i?

Your thinking how the hell can bodybuilders be unhealthy?

Well i’ll explain but first let me say that bodybuilding is an art form no doubt about that, they are without a doubt the most dedicated athletes in the world. There nutrition is absolutely on point with zero bad in it at all, just watch either of the pumping iron movies and see what they eat, its truly phenomenal.

But that being said is the reason they’re unhealthy is because of there body fat percentage.

Bodybuilders during training and bodybuilders during shows are 2 completely different people.

During training they’re like me or you, except they lift weights equal to cars or something super human like that. But during shows they’re the most fragile humans you’ll ever see because they’re actually starved to reduce water weight and their body fat percentage, to gives those muscles an awesome ripped look, i have heard that there skin is that tight to the muscles it could literally tear like paper, now that is a rumour but it puts into context how weak they’re before they go on stage.

Being so low on the body fat percentage scale is unhealthy because your body is starving to death so when its that low its using up your stored protein and burning it as energy. Those protein stores are stored around muscles such as the heart, lungs, muscle tissue etc.

So when you see these guys on stage and think “wow look how healthy they look”, they’re actually not healthy at all at that point and probably the most fragile they’ve ever been.

Bodybuilders are a phenomenon of human world and fitness world, they know their nutrition like the alphabet and know exactly whats good and whats not.


With every beast there is a weakness and in my opinion its in their minds, they’re dedicated and determined and so motivated but also because they’re so determined they look to steroids.

Now this is awful, they’re are ALOT who DO NOT take steroids but their will be some who have and still are. hence why alot die young because the heart is a muscle too and it’ll only take so much.

I have zero experience with bodybuilders so trying to understand the mindset you have to be in to take life threatening substances such as steroids is beyond my imagination.

I am an admirer of the sport and the beasts within it. Those who don’t take drugs and reach human boundaries like they do is truly inspiring and i hope drugs die off for the great of ALL sport not just bodybuilding so we can all admire the dedication of these individuals.

Hope you’ve learnt a little about bodybuilding as industry and admire these superhumans for what they are and that’s a work of art.

Thanks for reading


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