Starting out with nutrition: The “I can’ts”

This post is about those first steps in the kitchen.

This is sometimes the part people hate, and yes I’m not gonna sugar coat it, it’s hard at first but once you’ve done it for a week or so it’ll be second nature.

It amazes me that people study engine oil pages in their cars manual and make sure and double check when they buy the right one it’s definitely the right one for the car. But yet they don’t do the same with what they eat?? And your body’s fuel and food is without a doubt more important than your car’s engine oil so it’s time to take a little re-education into eating food and nutrition.

First let’s talk about bad habits most of us have:- 

  1. I don’t have time
  2. I’m too busy with work
  3. I can’t eat 6-8 times a day
  4. Can’t afford the healthy stuff
  5. Not everyone likes the same food as me
  6. It’s not practical to take to work
  7. I can’t weigh everything i eat
  8. I don’t understand food labels 
  9. The good food always tastes bland
  10. I can’t sustain my choices for long

I will answer all of these throughout this post and hopefully persuade you to take the correct steps into a healthier lifestyle.

So, eating healthy is time consuming? That’s Not exactly true, i know some people that meal prep once a week and eat 6-8 times a day so all 56 meals are already there they’ve just got to eat it so it’s saving time rather than using it up, wouldn’t you love to cook once a week instead of 21 times (typical 3 meals a day) or even cook 7 times, once a day meal prep, it really can be as little out of your day as that, so don’t make that excuse no more.

Now busy lives and eating at work, i can relate to this as i used to wake up at 6am to be out the door for 7am and not return til 5pm  and then be at my second job for 6:30pm so when days are this busy and intense i would recommend doing meal prep at weekends if still not possible then hey look i cant make miracles happen, the phrase remains, if it’s important enough you’ll do it. 

Family meals and nutritious foods, well they aren’t as expensive as people think, i bought 20 chicken breasts for £20 to other day and that’ll last 2 weeks at least that’s £1 a breast!!!!! So please don’t say it’s too expensive. In terms of family meals everyone likes different things and so by coming g up with simple tables of food which you just read from makes this so easy, but how to do that will be in another post one day. 

Can’t weight everything you eat? Okay, so when you fancy a curry all you have to do is chop chicken up see how much it weighs, great done cook it, jar of curry sauce (keeping within your macros and calorie goals) measured great lob that in too, so is that really gonna take longer than 30 seconds?  Don’t be lazy, Or even better after you’ve cooked for example rice, put the plate on a set of scales spoon out the rice til you get what you allowed for done. Food prep is simple, don’t over complicate it and don’t be lazy.

Good food always tastes bland? Okay well phase it in, don’t go straight from pizzas to whole wheat pasta overnight, phase it in, after you have your calories set and your macros you eat whatever you want (don’t go OTT there is still a goal to achieve) it’s better to eat nutritious food but that takes time once you start seeing results you’ll be wanting to eat healthier anyway, trust me it’s addictive.
So that’s taking the right steps in the kitchen in a nutshell, soon I’ll have a new ebook out with a workout template and simple instructions on making your new lifestyle become a reality.

Remember, a calorie is the only thing in the world that makes us fatter or thinner, bulky or lean. 

Give it a try take the right step!! 

Thanks for reading 

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