Starting out with Fitness: The MUST do’s 

Last post was about the “i can’t” side of nutrition and fitness in general and why you actually can do the things you dream of with determination and consistency, if you didn’t see that post check it out. Click Here

This post i want to inspire and give you the easy steps to a guranteed result in fitness.

1) Have a Goal 

This is often the most overlooked step but it’s the first one you HAVE to take. Without a goal how can you know where your going? 

When you set this goal, just remember, is it realistic? Is it achiveavble within your time frame? Is it specific to a sport or is it health related? How are you going to measure your progress? Is it adaptable over time? 

A simple i want to lose weight won’t cut it, but, “i want to lose body fat and tone up my abs, legs and shoulders in time for my holiday in 6 months time and I’ll use a tape measure to measure my progress” that is a specific, measurable, adaptable, realistic, time controlled goal. When it’s written like that you know what your doing and why your doing it.

2) Plan 

My next step is making a plan this is the part where you put together a mini booklet or scraps of paper of how your going to get to that goal so in this example it’s weight loss so I’ll continue with that in mind, for example, nutrition plan would be eat more complex carbs, protein and healthy fats (HDL) but maintain a calorie deficit of 500 calories below what i am currently eating. So you would do the calculations nessescary​ to get number to stick to and layout 6-8 meals with calories worked out, And that would be your nutrition sorted.

The workout side of the plan really depends on what you want to work on so in this example it would be a focus on core, and upper body strength with a cardio plan thrown in to work the fast twitch fibres for toning of the legs.

3) Be consistent

This for me is the biggest and hardest step, because it’s easy to maintain a different lifestyle for a week or 2 but that’s enough, you need to be consistent for a good few months to make the gains and progress you want. And now your looking through Instagram thinking wow these guys are really focused, the truth is yes they are MOST of the time, they would be lying if they said they stook to it 100% because this is impossible we are all human and we all will want that nice chocolate bar or big steak and chips and you can do that, if your consistent enough with the other side of it.

So if you slip off the rails, don’t get yourself down just step back ask why and alter your plans so you can stay in them more consistently it’s a lifestyle not an overnight success.

4) Adapt 

This is a secret one most people either don’t know about or refuse to except. When your training your body will adapt naturally so if you lifting 15kg bicep curls and now you don’t get any ache at all it’s almost 100% definite that your body has adapted and is basically saying “i was expecting this exercise at this intensity” so to break this plateau change the game plan, instead of lifting weight do a plyrometric bodyweight workout instead shock the body, shock the muscles and releive yourself of the same routine.

5) ENJOY!!!!! 

This is my favourite one, as a human being it’s easier to maintain something you enjoy, it’s natural it makes you feel good and gives you a great sense of pride so be proud of what you do and the progress your making.

You will feel disheartened at some point but that’s okay take a break and come back fighting, your own worst enemy sometimes just keep pushing and you’ll be well on your way.
These are my 5 Key steps to a successful nutrition and workout plan with guaranteed results.

Thank you for reading hope this helps you all in some way.
Johann Steadman 

Instagram: @jsteadman355


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