Supplements: Do I? Don’t I? 

This is a big issue with training and fitness now in the modern era. The supplement industry is a multi million £/$ industry maybe even multi billion £/$, but they’re are alot of gym goers and fitness newbies that think they are essential to making progress.

News flash, they are NOT essential. 

They have a place within the industry without a doubt but for the average everyday 9-5 people of the world, they DO NOT need supplements at all.

Why you don’t need supplements

The reason is simple, it’s not as nutritious as natural food.

Protein supplements, this is the big one people get confused about. 

  1. Protein is essential for repairing muscle? Yes. 
  2. Protein makes me bigger? No, only helps repair and look after muscles and organs, having high protein diet won’t make you bigger. 
  3. Protein is an energy source of the body? Yes, but not the supplement kind, stored protein is what your body uses so that’s your organs, skin etc. 
  4. Protein has essential amino acids? Yes, but the human body makes 12 amino acids itself so why do we need to constantly supplement it at all? We don’t simple as that.
  5. Protein is essential because bodybuilders say so? No, body builders usually have 1g per pound of lean body weight which is the same as 2g per Kg of lean bodyweight which is what athletes should have in there diet. They do NOT rely on shakes for this, they eat lean meats and maybe have a shake or 2 to make up the macro amount, but these shakes will also be high in carbohydrates to fuel their workouts.

Vitamin Supplements 

These types of supplements are one so would recommend as alot of people have a shortage of vitamin c and d, and also lack vitamins A, C, E and zinc these are essential for your skin and body maintenance alike.

Taking a multivitamin will give you a dosage of what you need, but your not nessecarily lacking in all vitamins.

If you work in an office then your probably lacking in vitamin d due to being inside alot, if your work outdoors your probably getting enough vitamin d if you wear t-shirts alot.

Vitamin C is the most delicate of all vitamins, if you shake your orange juice every morning then chances are you’ve broken up the molecules and your getting next zero vitamin C so realistically you should supplement this because of its delicate nature.

Supplements and Nutrition 

When you combine the supplements you actually need and good nutrition then you’ll start to see results, and you’ll be surprised how fast they come with consistency. 
Thank you for reading.

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One thought on “Supplements: Do I? Don’t I? 

  1. I agree to some extent. Creatine for example, has proven benefits for strength and performance. If you checkout my blog and link to my Facebook page, I recently shared a video from Barbell Shrugged that discusses what research has found from a scientist at Worth your time if you are interested. Good article though.


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