Science behind FAT 


3 letters and a horrible noise, is the word fat.

Fat is often miss interpretated wrongly like I just did then, it’s associated with overweight people, flabby bits and just disgusting images all round.

Well did you know fats are worth 9 calories per gram dependant on lipid density?? 

Did you know it’s your bodies survival energy source?

Did you know it can be used as energy with a few tweaks to your diet?

In fact there’s a whole other Nutrition plan around called Ketogenic. But that’s a whole other post.

This is about why fat is important, it’s important because it’s a transporter of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K, it acts as a shock absorper for your organs, fat also forms the structure eof our cells and help with aging, nails, skin and hair health.

It’s also important with the production of hormones especially in women as it helps with estrogen levels.

Fat also help regulate your insulin levels, when you eat alot of simple carbs and refined sugar your blood sugar levels spike and this releases insulin which then lowers it and can cause energy levels to crash including healthy fats throughout the day with each meal will prevent these jumping energy levels.

As stated above it’s also an energy source, when doing HIIT style Training the source of fuel is fat as it’s so Intense and your carb stores are completely depleted within a few minutes of engaging in this style of training.
Get fat into your diet it’s a macro nutrient and essential to function of you as a human being. 

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