Best time to workout?

There isn’t one.

There are times which have been proven that burn fat more than most, like for example first thing in the morning.

But for me I always preferred workouts in the morning because you can workout and train hard as your fresh from the bed and can give your all and energy from the rest you just had.

But at other times I need more rest so i workout late afternoon and that takes determination and push and graft so here’s my opinion: science proves morning workouts burn fat more than other times of the day, yes. But afternoon workouts burn fat too (not as much) but I think it takes alot more determination and dedication to workout in the afternoon after a day’s work and battles, more mental toughness to keep going towards your goals, having that niggle to say stop but you get your teeth and say NO. That little part of mentality that develops when your down on energy and tired is what I believe makes you a more determined person and eventually successful, but I guranteed all successful people have that same mind set. 


If your goal is burn fat then working out in the morning should be regular for you and you’ll get your fitness goals faster, BUT if you are training for overall health, mentality and success and enjoy your sleep occasionally like me, then I advise workout in the afternoon and push yourself to develop the winners mind set.

The Views in this post are my opinions, not that of scientific eceidence, but try and see which method you prefer and send me your comments.

Thanks for reading 👍


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