Hello, I’m Johann Steadman, i’m a REPs Level 2 Fitness Instructor and REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer.

My fitness background originates from secondary (high) school, being the small skinny kid with glasses wasn’t all that great, but during one summer i changed my body, i ate like a machine and trained even harder inspired by the rocky films (great film collection), i developed muscles on my shoulders, chest and arms and got myself a 6 pack too, and thanks to puberty growth spurt i was now 6ft tall, amazingly peoples opinions of me changed.

Since then fitness has always been apart of my life, granted not in a religious way but always in my subconscious i like to be active and stay healthy in everything that i do.

This lead to me following my childhood dreams of becoming a Royal Marine and apart of the Royal Navy in 2015. I got myself Royal Marine fit within 4/5 months, passed my mock fitness tests only to be told in my medical they couldn’t pass me and i was medically barred from the Navy And RAF.


Then it occurred to me, sometimes it just takes a little kick in the gut like that to make you stop and think, up until that point i had never had proper job and wasn’t interested in anything other than fitness, so i thought to myself “i got royal marine fit within 4/5months, people train for years to reach that level, some would never reach it, maybe i could help them reach it, help achieve their fitness dreams”

So here i sit writing my about me on my Fitness website and blog, fully qualified, always educating my fitness mind with as many Fitness related books as possible to help everyday people achieve their Fitness goals whether it be, weight loss, muscle gain, bullying (violence is not the answer), anonymous person to talk to about hard times, military recruitment, lifestyle change, motivation, sports training, nutrition, or even just to feel good about yourself, no matter what it is i can help and i will try to help everyone that comes forward and approaches me.

“Life isn’t about money, its about the smile, if you can smile in what you do everyday then you have a richer life than those with money who can’t smile at all”


So now you know a little about me and why i am where i am now, so what about you? Time for you to achieve what you always dreamt of?



Thanks for reading and understanding my about me 🙂