Best time to workout?

There isn't one. There are times which have been proven that burn fat more than most, like for example first thing in the morning. But for me I always preferred workouts in the morning because you can workout and train hard as your fresh from the bed and can give your all and energy from … Continue reading Best time to workout?

Science behind FAT 

Fat. 3 letters and a horrible noise, is the word fat. Fat is often miss interpretated wrongly like I just did then, it's associated with overweight people, flabby bits and just disgusting images all round. Well did you know fats are worth 9 calories per gram dependant on lipid density??  Did you know it's your … Continue reading Science behind FAT 

My Favourite Intervals For A Summer Body

Hellooooooo,  There are many intervals that can shred fat and get you that toned up look ready for that beach this summer.  My personal favourite is something i learned from a YouTube sensation call Brandon Carter. He labelled it Super Human Interval Training (S.H.I.T) It's where you combine muscular movements with a sprint ending.  For … Continue reading My Favourite Intervals For A Summer Body

Supplements: Do I? Don’t I? 

This is a big issue with training and fitness now in the modern era. The supplement industry is a multi million £/$ industry maybe even multi billion £/$, but they're are alot of gym goers and fitness newbies that think they are essential to making progress. News flash, they are NOT essential.  They have a … Continue reading Supplements: Do I? Don’t I? 

Starting out with Fitness: The MUST do’s 

Last post was about the "i can't" side of nutrition and fitness in general and why you actually can do the things you dream of with determination and consistency, if you didn't see that post check it out. Click Here.  This post i want to inspire and give you the easy steps to a guranteed … Continue reading Starting out with Fitness: The MUST do’s 

Starting out with nutrition: The “I can’ts”

This post is about those first steps in the kitchen. This is sometimes the part people hate, and yes I'm not gonna sugar coat it, it's hard at first but once you've done it for a week or so it'll be second nature. It amazes me that people study engine oil pages in their cars … Continue reading Starting out with nutrition: The “I can’ts”

Bodybuilders Are Actually Unhealthy

Now i have you intrigued, don't i? Your thinking how the hell can bodybuilders be unhealthy? Well i'll explain but first let me say that bodybuilding is an art form no doubt about that, they are without a doubt the most dedicated athletes in the world. There nutrition is absolutely on point with zero bad … Continue reading Bodybuilders Are Actually Unhealthy

Case Study: Henry Cavill Superman

Henry Cavill came to fame through a UK TV series called The Tudors, at this point in his career it is fair to say that Henry was fit but probably didn’t pay too much attention to the detail of nutrition needed to gain the mass he needed for Man of Steel. His body stats after … Continue reading Case Study: Henry Cavill Superman

One Bad Meal Has Ruined My Goals 

I hear this all the time from people, whether it'd be family, friends or clients,  it's always the same mind set and that's  "I've eaten a bad meal completely off plan, my goals are ruined and unachievable now" Wait a sec..... You mean you have been on plan for 3 weeks and have only had … Continue reading One Bad Meal Has Ruined My Goals 

Training Whilst Ill

I've been away for a few weeks with illness and genuinely feeling awful and not training or even thinking about nutrition, take it as a holiday with illness.  I have gained a new job though and had 3 training days about the job which has reinspired me back into fitness mode and today I'm going … Continue reading Training Whilst Ill